How to have a better interaction with cats?

How to have a better interaction with cats?

A cat needs a moderate companion from its owner. When the cat is young, the owner must take time to play with the cat every day, which is conducive to enhancing the relationship between the owner and the cat

It's better for cats to play with each other for a while every day. There is no fixed time. 1-2 hours is OK.

If the cat has these actions, it means that he wants to play with you. Seize the moment.


Keep rubbing your thighs

Sometimes cats are very warm. Whether you are walking or not, the cat will run to your thigh and rub you back and forth. Whether you like it or not.

Sometimes I don't pay much attention to my feet. Instead, I will be frightened by the cat's action.

But in fact, the cat has no intention. The cat just wants to attract your attention in this way so that you can play with him quickly.

Don't blame the cat at this time, otherwise the cat will never dare to play with you again. You can touch the cat to meet its needs.


Biting you while being touched

My cat had been massaged very comfortably, but suddenly she bit herself. Does it feel uncomfortable and upset?

In fact, it's not. The cat's bite is not real. When the cat is touched, it happens to be very excited. At this time, it is easy to get on top when it is high.

At this time, the cat bites to play with its owner. And cats do this only to people close to them or dogs and cats.


Take the initiative to take the toy to the owner

The cat takes the initiative to bring you a toy. This meaning is not too obvious. It just wants you to play with him. And he is willing to share the toy with you, which shows that you have a very high position in his heart.


Cats who can hold toys are still a few cats. They are really smart. Also know that in this way, let you play with him.

Although the kitten is very independent and cute, you will find that the kitten also needs our company after getting along. If you don't see us for a few days, we will start to feel low.

When a cat plays with us, it is actually the recognition of its owner. And we also have to show that, enjoy playing with cats.

Cats need enough time to rest,  but that doesn't mean they don't need exercise. Keep an almost balanced amount of exercise every day, otherwise cats are prone to obesity and other problems. Cats who are too fat and don't exercise for a long time are easy to get sick. In fact, they are the same as people.

Moreover, cats have a natural hunting nature, and they will just run and chase. Cats with enough exercise will sleep better and look better.

They always get up only when they see something they are interested in. For example, mice are crawling on the ground and birds are shaking in front of them. When these things appear, they can arouse their curiosity and get up to catch them.

Since cats are only willing to get up to the things they are interested in, the owner can find something that can arouse the cat's curiosity to interact and play with them, so as to achieve the purpose of sports.

So what can interest them? Nature can move things. As they are good at hunting, only moving things can arouse the most primitive hunting desire in their hearts.

We can often see cats chasing the moving light or something move. Because they don't understand it, they instinctively want to capture these novelty when they see them. This is also a way of movement.We have fun and multifunctional cat toys in our store, welcome to buy!

Cats are highly independent animals and do not need to be accompanied all the time. However, raising cats also requires a certain sense of responsibility. Taking appropriate time to accompany cats will not only increase the feelings between pets and their owners, but also provide an opportunity for breeders to empty their hearts.

If you only have a cat, sometimes it will feel lonely. Therefore, in addition to eating, drinking and sleeping, there is only one friend and family member of the owner when there is no little partner.So we have to give it more care.

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